2024 Ayr Centennials Spring 4on4 Hockey

Cens 4on4

Ayr Centennials Alumni Co-ed 4on4 Hockey is back!

We are excited to announce that Ayr Centennials Alumni Hockey is back! We will be running 6 sessions starting on April 13th.

Price: $175 for Players. $105 for Goalies.

Registration will close April 5th. Please find sign-up link below:


Payment Information, please see below for important details: 

To complete payment, please send e-transfer to ayrcensalumni@gmail.com, include child’s name in notes.

*Spot is confirmed once payment is received. Please send payment to complete registration.*

Weekly payment updates will be sent out. If you do not receive this email within 2 weeks of payment, please reach out to cens4on4@gmail.com.
Payment deadline will be April 6th.

Reach out to cens4on4@gmail.com with any questions

Dates are as follows: 

April 13th

April 20th

April 21st (Sunday)

April 27th

May 4th

May 11th

*Please note, due to timing of the OMHA championships & the May long weekend, we have added one Sunday. This will be on April 21st. Ice times will occur on both Saturday & Sunday of that weekend.

Projected Ice times will be as follows: 

9am: U7

10am: U8

11am: U9

12pm: U11

1pm: U11

2pm: U13

3pm: U15

Signup is based on the previous hockey seasons age groups. (i.e. u13 is 2011/2012)

U7 will be half ice. One game on each end. All other divisions will be full ice.

Please note that there could be some variance in ice times based on sign-up numbers.

Jerseys will be supplied to keep. 


  • Each game will start with a face-off.
  • Face-offs will occur at the beginning of the game, and on offsides u11 & up. When goals are scored, the team who scored must clear to the red line to allow the other team to breakout. If a team is ahead by 3 goals, they must circle behind their own net on the buzzer before jumping into the play.
  • There will be no icing calls.
  • There will be a buzzer every 90 seconds to signal changes. There will be continuous play, when the buzzer goes, puck will remain live.
  • We strongly encourage passing. Once you have 3 goals in a game, look to pass the puck to set up your teammates.
  • All penalties will be an immediate penalty shot. Shooter starts at the blue line with all other players starting at the far blue line, play will continue live if shooter does not score.
  • No body checking will be allowed at any level. Unsportsmanlike play and bad language will not be tolerated.
  • Updates will be made via social media in regards to when divisions are sold out. It is first come, first serve.
  • U7 will be half ice. One game on each end. All other divisions will be full ice.
  • We will do our best to work with teammate requests while creating fair teams.
  • 4on4 is co-ed across all divisions.